Tuesday Nov 08, 2022

EP. 15: Bret Contreras - The Glute Guy - Being a Trainer in a Social Media Driven Landscape

“Front squats lead to greater improvements in jumping because you're going upwards, whereas hip thrusts lead to better improvements in acceleration because you're pushing forwards.” 

Joining us on the podcast is Bret Contreras, aka “The Glute Guy.” He is the inventor of the barbell hip thrust and has been a coach in the bodybuilding space for 26 years. He also has a Ph.D. in sports biomechanics and has whole-body programs available online.

In this episode, Bret shares how it all began, from being a scrawny kid with no confidence to getting in shape and being known as “The Glute Guy”. He talks about what sparked his interest in glute and hip training and walks through his discovery of the barbell hip thrust. He highlights the importance of squats and hip thrusts and why they should be part of all bodybuilding programs. 

Bret also explains why, on social media, people often disregard the advice of experts in favor of content that is less reliable but more entertaining. He also sheds light on the increasing popularity of non-experts in the fitness space.

This episode is for you if you want expert advice on developing your glutes and improve your jumping and motion.




(00:54) Introducing Bret

(01:32) How Claire and Bret met

(03:14) Bret’s beginnings and how he got where he is.

(04:48) Bret’s idols

(06:58) Why Bret started developing his glutes

(10:59) Addressing why bodybuilders don’t train glutes

(14:47) What hip thrusts do for your movement

(15:55) The difference between squats and hip thrusts

(22:15) Why CrossFitters should be doing hip thrusts

(31:21) Bret dispels false beliefs about the effectiveness of glute exercise and hip thrusts 

(31:55) Bodybuilding in the face of social media ignorance and trolling

(37:36) How fitness concepts from non-experts gained popularity over expert guidance

(58:38) Bret’s advice for fitness trainers today

(1:00:46) How Bret trains and diets

(1:07:40) What Bret would like to do better

(1:08:35) Three things Bret is grateful for today

(1:13:30) Three things Claire is grateful for



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