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Welcome to Conversations with Claire! I am your host, Claire Bays. I’m a personal trainer at ONNIT Gym in Austin, TX, online coach, athlete and sober gal who loves a good laugh and nerds out on all things human optimization. Let’s have a good chat!

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6 days ago

In this episode we learn more about the Ryan Wekenman, author of Single Today. Writing a book about singleness is a pretty uncommon thing to do. I've had the opportunity to get to know Ryan through Red Rocks ATX for the past nearly two years and find his perspective refreshing and uplifting... so why not have a sit down chat about his latest endeavor: Single Today. The book is a delightful read (regardless of relationship status) and has much that we can all benefit from. From forgiving our yesterday, to not getting too caught up in the tomorrow trap, to cultivating presence today.
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Tuesday May 07, 2024

Mike Gonzales is the drummer for Kill Tony Band. He has played with Keith Urban, Gary Clark Jr, The Peterson Bro's, Gina Chavez, Charley Crockett and many more.
In this episode we learn that Mike got what many would call a "late start". He pursues his passion with unparalleled work ethic (we get in to the details of what that looks like). He tells many rad stories and is one of the hardest workers in every room -- who does so with humility.
I hope you enjoy this episode as much as I enjoyed the opportunity to learn more about Mike. His journey will continue to be one to want to support and stay tuned in to.
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Tuesday Apr 30, 2024

Rachell Hague is Co-Founder & CEO of KonnectHer -- A Community for Female Entrepreneurs. She is a martial artist, podcast host, speaker and mentor... all at the age of 24! Rachell grew up caring for her sister who passed away in 2020. We talk about the grief she walked through at age 20 and how she transformed the pain in to the purpose driven entrepreneurial endeavors she has excelled with today. We also talk about her passion for martial arts, and an honest account of both of our struggles with cultivating friendships with women and what we have learned to create more of that.
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Tuesday Apr 23, 2024

In today's episode a dear friend of mine shares her story. From growing up with access to drugs and alcohol to being addicted to meth in her early 20's... then in to recovery. Danielle Cobb IS what recovery looks like to me. This woman inspires me and walks the walk of a person who "has that light" and shares it without expectations.
We talk about healing through our recovery... from the painful parts of the first year to the healing we've experienced relationally and so much more. Danielle carries a disposition of serenity and peace that we likely all crave more of... so let's hear it directly from her.
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Tuesday Apr 16, 2024

Can you define health? I've been asking a lot of fitness professionals this question. We desire better health, yet it isn't easy to define -- even for the pro's. So where do YOU begin?
I don't believe I have a perfected answer to that. I do have over a decade of insatiable curiosity, an alphabet soup of certifications and hundreds of clients over that time achieving lasting results. This is a candid attempt to distill my experience and evolving education in to actionable info.
Topics include: How to find a personal trainer/fitness coach, what it's realistically like to begin a resistance training program (at any age), common pitfalls along your fitness journey (trying to emulate fitfluencer workouts, diet hurdles and more).
NOTE: I am aware that throughout this episode I am pushing for us to grow. I want us all to be our own best advocate. I cannot wait to continue to watch the field of health grow and expand and evolve. I hope you'll choose to continue to trudge what is, in my opinion, a worthwhile journey to prioritize your health. You're worth it.
Episode Co-Hosted by Madi Taskett.
A special thank you to Madi for choosing to host this episode in hopes of sharing useful perspective and support her trainer and now dear friend. You're a legend.
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Tuesday Apr 09, 2024

Coach Jimmy House is back! This time we're answering the "Top 10 Most Commonly Asked Questions of Fitness Professionals". I've had the luxury of learning from Jimmy since last fall and it is an honor to get to share his knowledge & experience here today. Jimmy has 23 years of experience in training, actively coaches online and in person. He is a professional athlete in many sports including pro wrestling, jiu jitsu, powerlifting & bodybuilding. This episode was a blast to record and I'm confident there are solid takeaways for all stages of your fitness journey.
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Tuesday Mar 26, 2024

Shawn Livingston is the host of "I am Redemption" podcast, US Army Veteran, Motivational Speaker and Personal Trainer. His story includes drug addiction and incarceration... and against all odds has gone on to accomplish incredible feats athletically, personally and professionally. His documentary "100 Miles to Redemtion" covers his journey in early recovery to running a 100 mile race... and he's done so much more in the 5-6 years since then that we unpack here. A truly inspiring story of a resilient human who has transformed his entire life. 
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Tuesday Mar 19, 2024

William Costello is a brilliant mind, PhD student of Evolutionary Psychology at University of Texas and a fascinating conversationalist. In this episode we learn about modern mating, incels (involuntary celibate's), the red blue and black pills and so much more. 
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Tuesday Mar 12, 2024

Rychelle Moses is a PhD student, researcher, educator, writer, advocate and consultant for Domestic Abuse. In this episode Rychelle shares her personal experiences in abusive relationships and how this has driven her  professionally in her passion for prevention and awareness.
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Tuesday Mar 05, 2024

Roman Rodriguez is the Co-Founder of The Coaches Market, PPSC Educator and Award Winning Equinox Coach. Roman taught the PPSC in Austin, TX in February. It was my second time attending the course. I appreciated his perspective and expertise so much... I had to bring him on the pod. Roman has a clear message of ACTION -- not just saying what you plan to do but being a person who acts upon it daily. We learn about the importance of T-Spine mobility, tips for martial arts athletes, invaluable tools for coaches and some often overlooked but important differences between males and females in sport. 
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