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Welcome to Conversations with Claire! I am your host, Claire Bays. I’m a personal trainer at ONNIT Gym in Austin, TX, online coach, athlete and sober gal who loves a good laugh and nerds out on all things human optimization. Let’s have a good chat!

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Tuesday Dec 12, 2023

Craig Bongelli aka "The Conjugate Cowboy" is back on the pod today! We enjoyed having him here in October so much that we ran it back on different topics today! Craig is a colleague of mine at ONNIT Gym in Austin, TX as well as online as a coach. Today we talk about green flags, upgrading your game, sacrificing today's pleasure for a better life, perspective on relationships and more. 
Find Craig HERE.

Tuesday Nov 28, 2023

Ashely Spencer is an Olympic Medalist in Track & Field for Team USA, currently in training in Texas for the next Games. I refer to us together as a "literal comedy show" because our day to day chats feel like one. In today's episode we go deep. We discuss racism. Ashley is a black woman and she had a recent experience with bigotry that we get in to. I admire and respect Ashley... and I think you will too. We also talk fashion, sports, what growing up was like and more.
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Thank you for listening <3 

Tuesday Nov 21, 2023

Hannah Eden is an Athlete and Coach, Founder of HEF Tribe and FYR Apparel. She is a successful business woman but she is also one of the most authentic and vibey follows on the internet... and IRL. In this episode she tells her pregnancy and birthing story for the first time. It is WILD.
Such a fun episode with a stellar human. <3 
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Tuesday Nov 14, 2023

Sam Belliveau is Canada's 3x Strongest Woman and Owner of Strongman Corporation of Canada. We unpack the sport of strength, struggles that the women face as well as Sam's mindset and vision for women in the sport.
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Tuesday Nov 07, 2023

Ian Mai is the Founder of He is a Coach and Spiritual Care Director at The Hope Project. In this episode Ian speaks about his experience with addiction in a very candid way. This episodes topic *as indicated by title* is not a lighthearted one. I have tremendous respect for Ian's willingness to open up about something that was very challenging for him personally in hopes to share resources that will be helpful to others.
Connect with Ian HERE.
Thank you for choosing to be here. 🖤 Claire!

Tuesday Oct 31, 2023

Jimmy House is the Founder of Team House Strong, BJJ Black Belt, Professional PowerLifter & Bodybuilder, Mobility Expert AND Aspiring Pro Wrestler.... oh and he is 27! This episode is a chat with a good dude chasing big dreams. He believes 'em, he's stacked proof of capacity and I believe 'em too. If you're looking for a turbo boost -- look no further.
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Tuesday Oct 24, 2023

Mary Barron is "America's Favorite Single Dog Mom". She's currently a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Blue Belt at 10th Planet ATX, Occupational Therapist, Content Creator and to me she's dynamite in human form -- small but mighty. We unpack our recent experience at Sheepdog Response "Protector 1" Self Defense Course, details about Mary like spending YEARS of her twenties living in a place without cell service *whut?!*... her introduction and journey in jiu jitsu, perspective on content creation and internet trolls and more. Just an all around good chat between a couple of gal pals. 
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Thank you for listening! <3

Tuesday Oct 17, 2023

Craig Bongelli aka "The Conjugate Cowboy" is a legend. A large Canadian recently relocated to Austin, TX & colleague of mine at ONNIT Gym. He is a Westside Barbell Alumni who happens to be not only insane-o fit at 265lbs... he is also well read, written and spoken. He  articulates his perspective in a no BS manner and strongly believes that reframing your relationship with time should be a priority. We hope you enjoy this episode!
Find him on Instagram HERE
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- Claire 

Tuesday Oct 10, 2023

In this episode, Claire is back after a few months away from podcasting... with some perspective and updates. She's completing day 30 of 30 of Phase One of the Live Hard Program as she recorded this. *google that program if you're curious -- it's a great tool to put some structure in place in your life. This episode includes life updates as well as tools she's finding useful today. 

Tuesday May 16, 2023

When you carry a gun, you hold a level of responsibility for the safety of others, including strangers, colleagues, family, and friends. The feeling of carrying a concealed weapon can be both exhilarating and terrifying. 
Tessa Booth and Paige Rue, guests on Conversations with Claire, share their experiences as firearms enthusiasts and how they overcome fear while carrying concealed guns. They acknowledge the responsibility that comes with carrying a gun, as it affects not only personal safety but also that of others, including family, friends, and strangers. The discussion covers firearm safety rules, what to do when encountering a firearm in public, and other technicalities related to gun ownership. 
Tessa is the owner-operator of social media platforms of Armed & Style, which her content is wildly educational, and it is about all things handguns, from concealed carry choices to safety, to storage, to styling, to optics and ammo prices, and more. 
Paige is known on the Internet as Some Chick Who Shoots, and she is a firearms instructor in Arizona. She is a contributor to Turning Point USA and the host of Reloaded. 
By tuning in, listeners can learn from their personal journeys and gain confidence in handling firearms.
(03:33) Tessa and Page’s Take Aways in Their Rose Retreat Experience
(12:29) The Igniting Experience of Tessa that Led Her Firearm Journey
(15:39) How Paige’s Family Upbringing Makes Her Inclined With Guns
(24:08) Testimonials from People with Experienced in Firearms
(29:58) Self-defense, Violence, and Gun Ownership
(32:58) The Importance of Your Role as Instructor in Firearm Training
(42:31) How to encourage people who have fear around firearms?
(50:27) Tessa and Page’s Concealed Carry Situation and Guns They Are Carrying
(54:37) How was it Competing in Tactical Games?
(01:02:37) Empowering Women to Join Tactical Games
(01:06:18) How to Handle Backlash Publicly?  
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