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Welcome to Conversations with Claire! I am your host, Claire Bays. I’m a personal trainer at ONNIT Gym in Austin, TX, online coach, athlete and sober gal who loves a good laugh and nerds out on all things human optimization. Let’s have a good chat!

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Tuesday Apr 09, 2024

Coach Jimmy House is back! This time we're answering the "Top 10 Most Commonly Asked Questions of Fitness Professionals". I've had the luxury of learning from Jimmy since last fall and it is an honor to get to share his knowledge & experience here today. Jimmy has 23 years of experience in training, actively coaches online and in person. He is a professional athlete in many sports including pro wrestling, jiu jitsu, powerlifting & bodybuilding. This episode was a blast to record and I'm confident there are solid takeaways for all stages of your fitness journey.
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Tuesday Mar 26, 2024

Shawn Livingston is the host of "I am Redemption" podcast, US Army Veteran, Motivational Speaker and Personal Trainer. His story includes drug addiction and incarceration... and against all odds has gone on to accomplish incredible feats athletically, personally and professionally. His documentary "100 Miles to Redemtion" covers his journey in early recovery to running a 100 mile race... and he's done so much more in the 5-6 years since then that we unpack here. A truly inspiring story of a resilient human who has transformed his entire life. 
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Tuesday Mar 19, 2024

William Costello is a brilliant mind, PhD student of Evolutionary Psychology at University of Texas and a fascinating conversationalist. In this episode we learn about modern mating, incels (involuntary celibate's), the red blue and black pills and so much more. 
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Tuesday Mar 12, 2024

Rychelle Moses is a PhD student, researcher, educator, writer, advocate and consultant for Domestic Abuse. In this episode Rychelle shares her personal experiences in abusive relationships and how this has driven her  professionally in her passion for prevention and awareness.
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Tuesday Mar 05, 2024

Roman Rodriguez is the Co-Founder of The Coaches Market, PPSC Educator and Award Winning Equinox Coach. Roman taught the PPSC in Austin, TX in February. It was my second time attending the course. I appreciated his perspective and expertise so much... I had to bring him on the pod. Roman has a clear message of ACTION -- not just saying what you plan to do but being a person who acts upon it daily. We learn about the importance of T-Spine mobility, tips for martial arts athletes, invaluable tools for coaches and some often overlooked but important differences between males and females in sport. 
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Tuesday Feb 27, 2024

Madi Taskett is a skilled writer, marketing expert, keynote speaker and personal training client of mine - aka a total #MuscleMommy. We discuss her fitness journey and growth in the gym over the past 5 months together. We then venture in to codependency, a topic we speak about frequently. Madi's honesty and relatability are so refreshing and she's become a dear friend whom I respect and have tremendous gratitude for. This episode feels like a beautiful encapsulation of that.
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Tuesday Feb 20, 2024

Jim Galvin is a 5x Guinness World Record holder, former Royal Marines Commando, former Team GB Boblseigh athlete and today runs Alchemy Athletic Coaching. Jim recently came to visit ATX for a few weeks and spent much of his stay an ONNIT Gym, where we met. In this episode we learn about his upbringing dealing with "rage" and "anger" from an early age to getting in to his back half of his twenties feeling "indifferent" about life. We talk about tools we're learning about today to better navigate life. Jim today works online and is currently traveling alongside some "good mates" prioritizing meaningful relationships with other men. Refreshing perspective from a rad human.
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Tuesday Feb 13, 2024

Tara is someone I look up to in the fitness space. She is a strength and mindset coach who runs an online coaching business. Not only does she have a physique that commands respect, but she has a sense of humor and "no fluff" perspective that is so refreshing on social media. Learn about her personal journey in fitness as well as her coaching approach on many things gym/nutrition. A conversation I thoroughly enjoyed with a rad human.
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Tuesday Feb 06, 2024

Nikki Zahka aka @fitwithnikk_ is a woman in tech with an obsession for health and connection. Nikki shares in a refreshingly vulnerable way in this episode. Her story includes struggling from being overweight to becoming "the ab girl" who then navigated liver, adrenal and hormone issues. She began to experience daily fatigue, thinning hair and increasingly problematic gut health. Nikki has been on a journey from "overtraining and under-fueling" to putting in the hard work of getting her health back from the inside out. She is stronger mentally and physically today than ever before. Huge shout out to Nikki for her heart in sharing this story.
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Tuesday Jan 30, 2024

Dakota Meyer is a USMC/Medal of Honor Recipient, Founder & CEO of Own the Dash and Dash Hydrate and Host of "You're Human" Podcast... he is also a father, husband and firefighter. This conversation is a journey through his story to date and unpacks many of the concepts and principles Dakota lives by today.
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